Meet Rocky's new baby chimp

18 March 2020 

No trip to Rockhampton is complete without visiting Rockhampton Zoo.

Rockhampton Zoo has welcomed another newborn baby chimp to its growing chimp family. Born on 3 February, baby Gandali is the sibling to Capri, who was the first baby chimp to be born in Queensland since the 1970s.

Named Gandali, meaning ‘Star’ in the Darumbal language, the baby boy has been seen clinging to his mother’s belly where he will spend the next few months sleeping and feeding. He is reaching all his milestones and is seen to becoming more alert and responsive to the sights and sounds around him, as visitors’ line up to meet the little bundle of joy.


Image: Sleeping snuggle

As expected with older siblings, curious Capri has been learning to share the spotlight with baby Gandali and is frequently seen interacting with her brother and mum Holly.

Rockhampton Zoo features a family of seven chimpanzees – Cassius, Holly, Samantha, Alon, Leaky, Capri and baby Gandali. Chimps are the mammal most like humans, and their playful antics highlight their intelligent nature and vibrant personalities.

When visiting Rockhampton Zoo, be sure to stop by the chimp enclosure to observe these mammals and their playful nature – often you’ll see Capri running around the enclosure, jumping up on bamboo or swinging from one branch to the next. You might also get to say hello to one of the older chimps, who frequently comes right over to the viewing glass. 

Chimp - Zoo - HR.jpg

Image: Viewing the chimp enclosure

Home to over 60 native and exotic species, Rockhampton Zoo is nestled within the Botanic Gardens and has been at its present site since 1925. Best of all, it’s free to enter and is open 7 days a week from 8am till 4:30pm. P.S time your visit with one of the Zoo’s many keeper talks and animal feedings for a more in-depth experience! 

When you’re finished up at the Zoo, head over to the Botanic Gardens and explore the iconic plantings including the 150 year old canopy of Banyan figs, the tranquil Japanese Gardens, and if you have your kids in tow there’s even a playground with barbeque facilities and kiosk stocked with all your favourites.

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