An Anglers Guide to Land Based Fishing in Rockhampton

No boat? No worries!

Thinking of coming to fish the Fitzroy but don’t have a boat? That’s no worries, because the Rockhampton region has plenty of land based fishing platforms and boat hire options available ensuring your next fishing trip with the mates can be planned seamlessly.

In our latest blog post we list out a few spots locals recommend for land based fishing – so all you need to do is pack the rods and head to Rockhampton! 


Col Brown Park, Rockhampton City

Right in the heart of Rockhampton is a land based fishing area. With stairs leading down to the fishing spot making it easily accessible, this one is a little hidden gem. Be aware this is quite a rocky area, so ensure you take care and go down with a buddy for safety reasons. 

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Sir Raymond Huish Drive, Wandal

Nearby to Col Brown Park is another land based fishing area where you can catch and cook thanks to the barbecues available in Alf Kele Park. The area is quite high up from the bank, so it’s best to try your luck at this fishing spot when the tide is high.

Queen’s Wharf, junction of William and Quay Street, Rockhampton City

Representing Rockhampton’s port city heritage, Queen’s Wharf is one of the oldest land based fishing areas within Rockhampton’s CBD. A popular salt water fishing spot for locals, the jetty provides a serene location to pull up a camping chair and fish with friends. This convenient location can have you fishing only moments after getting out of your car, or for those that live locally, a short walk.

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Ski Gardens Boat Ramp, Wandal

Being on the other side of the barrage, this land based fishing spot is great for freshwater fishing. Just be sure to stay away from the exclusion zone, 400 metres away from the barrage.

Queens Park, Park Avenue

The area under the Neville Hewitt Bridge is a hot spot for barramundi during the cooler months, as they like to sun themselves against the rocks. Currently, there are multiple locations you can cast a line in here from Queens Park.

Northside Boat Ramp, The Common

The Northside Boat Ramp on Robert Clarke Drive has an adjacent land based fishing area, where barramundi and king threadfin can be reeled in.

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Moores Creek and Fitzroy River juncture, Park Avenue

At the junction of Moores Creek and the Fitzroy River, when the tide changes from a high tide, there is a great new land based fishing area constructed so anglers can cast a line in.

Donovan Park, Koongal

Donovan Park has been a fishing haunt for locals for years and is a great area to catch king threadfin at the land based fishing area.  

Lucius Street/The Bend, Depot Hill

The remains of an old wharf make this fishing spot an ideal waiting area for barramundi to stalk their prey. There is a new land based fishing area at this location, with enough area nearby to cast a line in. When fishing, it’s best to use lures or live bait right near the surface.


If you want to head out on the Fitzroy away from the banks to try and catch that metre-long barra, then Boat Hire CQ can help you out. Offering a 4.5 metre Polycraft Drifter for hire, the boat is equipped with a Hummingbird Helix GPS sounder and provides all safety gear for your fishing trip. From just $300 per day, the boat can accommodate up to four mates for a fishing trip on the Fitzroy. 


Be mindful of those in their boats on the Fitzroy River, or accessing the River with their boats. If you choose to fish on a pontoon, remember to clean up after yourself and stay out of the way of those getting their boats in and out of the water, these facilities are designated for boaties and they have right of way at all times. Leaving empty scraps on the pontoon can encourage crocodiles! 


Written by Explore Rockhampton