Whether it is an adventurous nature experience you are seeking or that of the more serene kind, Rockhampton Region has you covered. With the only hotel in Australia with its own rodeo arena and a zoo that offers free entry 7 days a week, as well as glorious Mount Archer views and self-guided Botanic Garden walks you will be outdoors more than you will be in.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens from the air

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens are regarded as one of the best in regional Australia. Excellent specimens of palms, cycads and ferns are found throughout the beautifully manicured grounds that date back to 1873. The site has been heritage listed since 1999 and also is home to The Central Queensland War Memorial (The Cenotaph).

Rockhampton Zoo

Rockhampton Zoo is nestled within the Botanic Gardens and is the perfect free day out. You’ll discover more than 70 species of native animals from across Australia such as kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles, exotic animals from around the world, tropical rainforests and outback Australia exhibits. Check out the cheeky chimps, watch the waddling wombats, hear the howling dingoes or simply get up close and personal with the koalas.

Mount Archer

Mount Archer not only provides a scenic backdrop to Rockhampton, but plays home to a host of activities! From the summit enjoy the Spectacular views of Rockhampton city, deeply incised valleys, dry rainforests, fleeting glimpses of forest inhabitants and feasting cockatoos. With walks from 500m – 14km you can explore as much or little as you like!

In Rockhampton, Mount Archer National Park forms part of the Berserker Ranges and is easily accessible by a sealed road to its summit. Mount Archer not only provides a scenic backdrop to Rockhampton, but plays home to a host of activities! At 604m, it is our highest peak to enjoy the spectacular views of Rockhampton city, deeply incised valleys, dry rainforests, fleeting glimpses of forest inhabitants and feasting cockatoos.

Mountain Bike on Mount Archer

Mount Archer Must-dos

Mount Archer’s imposing and beautiful silhouette has long been regarded as an iconic landmark representing the Rockhampton Region. Steeped in history, Mount Archer has a wealth of natural and cultural and heritage value. From its significance to the Darumbal Nation, to its namesake originating from the region’s first European settlers, the Archer brothers, to its expansive views and national park areas. Drive, walk or cycle your way up and down the mountain to make the most of what’s on offer.

Pilbeam Drive

5km one way. Steep. If you’re ready to front up for fun and fitness, walk or ride up Pilbeam Drive. Be sure to take plenty of water and allow time to return.

Fraser Park

Enjoy a picnic at Fraser Park, on Mount Archer’s summit while taking in the amazing views alongside the local wildlife. Picnic tables, electric barbecues, drinking water and toilets are provided.

Nurim Circuit

Located at the summit. 500m circuit. Allow 20 mins to enjoy impressive views from lookouts.

Zamia Walk

Located at the summit. 14km one way. Allow up to 5 hours. The full Zamia Walk is a long hiking descent from the summit through the national park to the park’s lower entrance. It is best to hike from the top and arrange to be picked up at the exit at German Street. Prepare with water, a buddy and means of communication.

Sleipner Lookout Walk

2.4km return. Allow 1 hour to enjoy the first section of the Zamia Walk to Sleipner Lookout to see the distinct pointy peak of Mount Sleipner and its spectacular surrounds.

Grasstree Lookout

Located at the summit. 1.4 km return. Allow 45 minutes. Walk from the lower end of the picnic area to the Grasstree Lookout to see the three peaks of Mounts Badger, Sleipner and Berserker.

First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve

Nearly 25km of trails. Up the adventure with the new readily accessible mountain bike trails that are tailored to a variety of skill levels. Entry via German Street.


Spot an abundance of birdlife, including the beautiful Glossy Black Cockatoo, Laughing Kookaburra, Red-backed Fairy-wren, Striated Pardalote and Australian Brush-turkey.

Spectacular Sunsets

Take in a spectacular sunset, and watch the city lights come to life at dusk.

Challenge the Mountain

Event runs every September. Challenge for the title of King/Queen by running or cycling your way to the top.

Did you know?

Nurim is the Darumbal traditional name for Mount Archer. The Story of Munda-Gudda tells of how the rainbow serpent left its mark on Darumbal country and is represented by Tunuba (Fitzroy River). The Yugu (water lily) represents ‘coming together’ and captures the essence of the mountain, its people and all it has to offer.

Mount Hay Thunder Egg Rockhampton Region

Mount Hay

A short 30 minute drive south on the highway will get you to Mount Hay gemstone tourist park, a popular destination for fossickers seeking thundereggs and spherulitic rhyolite. These curious volcanic formations come from the remains of an extinct ancient volcano, which was last active about 120 million years ago. Thundereggs or volcanic birthstones crystallize as they cooled millions of years ago, and when cut in half, reveal many different colours and patterns.

Visitors can fossick through piles of thundereggs and stones to collect some they wish to be cut in half to take home as a keepsake of the day.