Rockhampton's top BBQ spots

Published on 04 January 2023


Nothing brings people together quite like a BBQ.

The hypnotic sounds of prime local meat sizzling on the hot grill, the scent of the seasoned spices wafting through the fresh outdoor air, the colourful medley of salad placed gently alongside of condiments, fizzy soft drinks and freshly baked bread rolls from the hot bread shop.

Just thinking about it makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re after a scenic view of the mighty Fitzroy River (Tunuba), a funky adventure playground for the kids to go crazy on, a tranquil garden setting to relax and unwind in or the ideal pet-friendly place for your fur baby to perform zoomies, the Rockhampton Region has it all.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to plan the perfect barbecue. All it takes is the right locally sourced ingredients, a perfect summer day and great company to share it with.

To help you turn your next barbecue into an absolute ripper, we’ve included the right stuff in this blog to add to your picnic basket.

sizzling steak
The steaks are high when it comes to the ultimate barbecue experience in Rockhampton. Image by Explore Shaw

Nice to meat you!

No Rockhampton barbecue is complete without visiting the local butcher for some snags, steak and whatever else tantalises your tastebuds. With more than 10 locally owned quality meat stores and butcheries to choose from, your guests will be spoilt for choice. Take your pick from our list of local businesses below and beef up your barbecue event.

Explore our local butcher shops

Dean Street Bakery
Dean Street Bakery

You bread my mind!

Who can resist the delicious smell and soft and fluffy texture of fresh bread rolls? Another essential ingredient for your barbecue picnic is without a doubt fresh bread from your local bakery and the Rockhampton region is fortunate to be home to some of the best hot bread shops in Central Queensland. While you’re at it, why not grab something sweet for dessert.

Explore our local hot bread shops

Berry Good Produce
Berry Good Produce

Fruit and Veg fresh from the farm

Looking for a refreshing sidekick for your steak and sausages? Your local farmer’s markets have everything you need to create those heavenly sides everyone will enjoy. Discover fresh, locally grown produce sourced direct from the farmers who grew them. Create the perfect potato salad, fancy frittata, exquisite quiche or leafy greens, your picnic is limited only by your culinary imagination.

picnic on Mount Archer
Mount Archer (Nurim) Amphitheatre. Image by Explore Shaw

Fire up the grill!

With 300 days of sunshine a year, you won’t have any trouble planning your barbecue picnic in the Rockhampton Region. Nor will you have a problem finding the perfect location for your day out. In fact, that only problem you may encounter is narrowing your choices down.

Spend a day visiting the charming, historic mountain town of Mount Morgan and set up your feast along the No.7 Dam. Let the kids play on the undercover playground, as you kick back under the shaded gum trees with your burger and refreshing beverage in hand.

Or why not sit among the treetops of Mount Archer National Park (Nurim) and immerse yourself in the flora and fauna while you load up your picnic plate. It’s the perfect barbecue spot to escape the heat as the Mountain tends to drop in temperature.

If the kids are extra energetic, adventure playgrounds like Gracemere’s Cedrick Archer Sport and Recreation Reserve, Kershaw Gardens, Victoria Park Precinct, and the Riverside Precinct are your perfect picnic spots. With long summer days upon us, now’s the perfect time to plan your barbecue destination and enjoy the great outdoors our region has to offer.

Barbecue destinations

  • Big Dam Park, Mount Morgan - Two electric and two wood-fired stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Cedric Archer Sport and Recreation Reserve, Gracemere - Two electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Conaghan Park, Gracemere - Two electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Fraser Park, Mount Archer (Nurim) - Six electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Kershaw Gardens Precinct - Eight electric and one gas stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Norbridge Park, The Commons - One wood-fired brick barbecue - Get directions
  • Queens Park, Glenmore Road - One electric stainless steel barbecue Get directions
  • Rigarlsford Park, Koongal - Four electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Riverside Precinct (Tunuba) - Four electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Rockhampton Botanic Gardens - Eight electric stainless steel barbecues and two gas brick barbecues - No dogs allowed - Get directions
  • Ski Gardens, Wandal - Three gas stainless steel barbecues Get directions
  • Victoria Park Precinct - Two Gas and one electric stainless steel barbecues - Get directions
  • Victoria Park Precinct / Alf Kele Memorial Park - Eight electric stainless steel barbecues - Adjacent to the dog park - Get directions
Written by Explore Rockhampton