Fishing the Fitzroy


Rockhampton is the only city in Australia where you can fly in, check in and boat out in less than an hour targeting trophy Barramundi and King Threadfin. The Fitzroy River (Tunuba) is famous for Barramundi, pronounced “bardda moon di” by the Darumbal people. This defines the Fitzroy River catchment as the genuine Home of the Barramundi in Australia.

The floodplain holds a number of freshwater lagoons, brackish lagoons and waterholes. These include some easily accessible lagoons on the south side of the city which can be fished from the bank.

Fun Fact: The Fitzroy River is home to the endangered 'bum - breathing' Fitzroy River Turtle. These turtles can take 15-60 breaths per minute through their bottom. To find out more about this vulnerable reptile click here.

No matter who you are, how you want to fish, or what you want to catch, the Fitzroy River (Tunuba) is ready to welcome you.