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a barramundi caught on the Fitzroy River
Catch trophy barramundi and king threadfin right in the heart of the city.

Fish the Fitzroy all year round

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and warm winter weather, Rockhampton is a fishing destination for all seasons.

Generally speaking, the best tides for lure and fly fishing for barra are the last half of the run-out and the first part of the run-in, especially two or three days after a neap tide (smallest tidal movements) and as the tidal range starts to build towards the spring tides. Barramundi tend not to feed as hard during the actual neap tides, because of the lack of run and movement in the water.

The other big advantage is that water clarity is usually at its best at this time, giving the fish you are targeting a much better chance to see your fly or lure.

If you're looking to catch a barra, the warmer months are best within barramundi season. King threadfin salmon can also be found aplenty, and can be targeted all year round.

King threadfin salmon   
King threadfin salmon
barramundi caught on the Fitzroy River

Barramundi Season

If you are heading to Rockhampton to target trophy barra, it's best to visit during barramundi season. Starting at 12.01am on 1 February each year, barramundi season stretches right through to midnight on 1 November and allows you to target barramundi and take home your catch.

When the season closes, barramundi must not be targeted to allow the fish to spawn. If you happen to catch a barra within season close, just remember to release it back into the water.

Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practice (VCP) provides more information behind barramundi season and what is recommended to protect our fish species.


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