Where to fish

Freshwater or saltwater?

The Rockhampton region has the largest river system on the eastern seaboard of Australia, with a large delta and interconnecting creeks, a bay with islands and reefs, vast flood plains, billabongs and lagoons.

We've listed the main areas where you can fish in the region below.

Fitzroy River (Tunuba)

There are plenty of fishing spots along the Fitzroy River (Tunuba) allowing you to choose your fishing adventure right in the heart of town - whether you have a boat, want to book a charter or just bring your fishing rod. 

The freshwater side of the river provides anglers the opportunity to reel in Barra, Golden Perch and Saratoga. With access from both the north and south side of Rockhampton, this mostly sheltered area has two boat ramps and one pontoon. 

The saltwater side of the river has seven fishing spots with a range of boat ramps, pontoons, a jetty, and a 4WD access fishing spot available. Barramundi, King Threadfin, Grunter and crabbing are available to catch.

Fitzroy River Fishing 3.jpg     Fitzroy River Fishing.jpg     Fitzroy River Fishing 2.jpg


Port Alma

62km from Rockhampton CBD | Directions to Port Alma Boat Ramp

Port Alma is a 45 minute drive south of Rockhampton and is the main access point for Casuarina CreekInkerman CreekRaglan Creek, Connors Creek, the Narrows, the northern point of Curtis Island and Yellow Patch. It is also the set-off point for offshore fishing, as well as a location for fly fishing. A range of fish species are available to catch in saltwater, including Barramundi, King Threadfin, Blue Threadfin, Mudcrabs and Golden Snapper.  

Port Alma 2.jpg     Port Alma.jpg     Port Alma 3.jpg

 Images courtesy of Guided Fishing Downunder

Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam

41km from Rockhampton CBD | Directions to Mount Morgan No 7 Dam

Mount Morgan is a historic gold mining town located a 40 minute drive from Rockhampton. A great spot for family fishing with BBQs, a playground and wide open spaces, the dam has a speed restriction on boats so it's a great kayak fishing option. You can catch Golden Perch (Yellowbelly), Saratoga and Redclaw.

Mount Morgan No 7 Dam.jpg     Mount Morgan No 7 Dam 2.jpg     Mount Morgan No 7 Dam 3.jpg