What to catch


As the largest river system on the eastern seaboard of Australia, the Fitzroy River (Tunuba) provides prime estuary and freshwater fishing options with a range of fish species available to catch. The most popular are Barramundi and King Threadfin. 


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Barra are a fast growing fish and commonly reach legal size in just three years. They can attain trophy sizes of a metre and more in as little as six or seven years, and may survive well into their teens.  

The legal size range for Barramundi in Rockhampton is 580mm to 1200mm (58 to 120cm), with a daily possession limit of five fish per angler. However, the Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practice (VCP) suggests the retention of just two fish per day between 580 and 1000mm (58 and 100cm). There is strong local support for the VCP, and visiting fishers are encouraged to sign up to the voluntary code.

Barramundi spawn between the months of October to December each year, making it Barramundi close season from November to January each year. 

King Threadfin

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Threadies are a spectacular, hard-fighting fish that rapidly reach a similar status to barramundi in the eyes of keen sport fishers. There are plenty of trophy-sized threadfin over a metre in length, and while they may be easy to find, they can be a little more challenging to catch.

King Threadfin have a minimum legal size of 650mm (65cm), no maximum size limit, and a bag limit of five per angler per day. However, the VCP recommends that fishers limit their take to two threadfin between 650 and 1000mm (65 and 100cm) in length.

King Threadfin spawn at the mouth of the river at roughly the same times as barramundi, so their spawning aggregations are also protected if anglers refrain from fishing in these areas at those times.