Cultural Experiences

Walter Reid Cultural precinct
Experience our vast culture by taking part in one of our cultural experiences.

Modern an Indigenous experiences

With cultural centres to explore, On Country experiences and tours on offer, you'll have plenty of options to find your particular interests if you're looking for cultural experiences when visiting the Rockhampton region. 

Darumbal On Country Experience Self-Guided Tour

Take a self-guided tour of Darumbal On Country with the traditional custodians of our land. Learn about cultural connections and how the Darumbal people used significant sites.

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Walter Reid Cultural Centre

Cnr Derby St & East Street, Rockhampton | Rockhampton CBD

Rockhampton’s principal community arts and leisure centre is the heritage-listed Walter Reid Cultural Centre. Visiting the centre is a great way to view local exhibitions and join in activities such as arts and crafts workshops, movies, photography, pottery, woodwork and rail modelling.

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Dreamtime Cultural Centre

703-751 Yaamba Rd, Parkhurst | 9km from the Rockhampton CBD

Gain insight into our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage with a trip to the Dreamtime Cultural Centre. Witness the diverse beating cultural heart of our city through one of the guided tours on offer at the centre. The Torres Strait Islander’s Complex includes huts, the giant dugong and plants particular to the region, with the Aboriginal Traditional area complete with a replica burial site, rock art, gunyahs and traditional ceremonial sites of the Darumbal people. The combination of these two distinct cultures within the one complex provides the Dreamtime Cultural Centre with a very unique appeal.

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Gawula On Country Experiences

Take part in an interactive on Country and experience, learn and be educated on significant sites, Darumbal Dreaming Stories, Medicinal Plants Use, Traditional Food and Tasting? Darumbal Elders take you on a journey through Darumbal Country which is perfect for schools, conference groups and tourists.

If you would like to know more about Cultural Programs and Tours please contact Darumbal Enterprises by clicking 'find out more' below. 

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