Rockhampton Zoo

bring your cheeky mob to meet ours

Home to almost 100 animals spanning more than 30 species of native and exotic animals, Rockhampton Zoo is set on 10 acres within the stunning Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, located in the leafy suburb of The Range.

Come and meet Mzuri, the newest member of our chimpanzee family, who was born in December 2021, or stop by the Australian Wetlands zone to marvel over our giant saltwater crocodile 'The Colonel'. Spot the colours of the rainbow in our aviaries, overload on cuteness at our mob of meerkats and watch the otters play like children in the water - Rockhampton Zoo has something for everyone!

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Zoo highlights

The kids will love meeting the zookeepers at the various keeper talks each day and can enjoy having their photo taken on the life-size Gorilla statue.

There are also some snakes, lizards and frogs that call the zoo home that the kids are always fascinated by.

If you’ve only got a short time to visit the zoo, make sure you tick off the following top 5 animals to see.


The mischevious mob of 6 meerkats are definitely a crowd pleaser amongst locals and visitors. They can often be found lounging around in the sun, under rocks or digging for snacks. They are as friendly as ever and absolutely love the attention so be sure to stop by their enclosure to say hi. 


The chimpanzee enclosure has been designed to replicate the rainforest of Africa for the enjoyment of the chimps and for visitors to see the environment in which they would naturally live. It covers a large area so if at first you don't spot the chimps, try one of the other viewing windows.

Eight chimps currently call Rockhampton Zoo their home, including three absolutely adorable babies, one born in December 2021.


Get up close to two of our most iconic Australian animals at Rockhampton Zoo’s Kangaroo Country Enclosure; the eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus gigatneus) and the emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae).

The Kangaroos are often found living their best life snoozing in the shade but the emu's have a quirky habit of following the zookeepers around.


The Zoo is home to two cute koalas, Arila and Shaun. Both have been rescued and are enjoying their new lease on life amongst the eucalyptus trees. They are more often than not found sleeping but if you're lucky enough, you might find Arila cooling off under the sprinkler system in his enclosure. 


You'll find both a salty and freshwater crocs basking in the sun at the Zoo. 'The Colonel' is the zoos largest resident, measuring 4.2m and weighing well over half a ton! Victoria and Hahn are the resident freshwater crocs and known love-birds and can often be seen hanging out together - how cute!

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Meerkat experience

The cheeky meerkat mob are waiting to meet you, literally. 

Make your visit to the Rockhampton Zoo even more memorable and book a meerkat encounter. The encounter will have you up close and personal with the mob of 6 and includes a feeding session and private keeper talk. Don't forget to bring a camera or smart phone so you can document your experience!  

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