Local Walking Trails

A couple walking on a treetop boardwalk
Stroll a treetop boardwalk and experience first class views of the city from above.

Walking trails for all fitness levels

Walking is one of the best ways to explore Rockhampton’s scenic spaces, while enjoying our sunshine soaked subtropical climate. From leisurely strolls along Rockhampton’s Riverside Precinct right through to bushwalks, we’ve put together a list of Rockhampton’s top walking tracks to suit all fitness levels. Don't forget your camera and share your images with #ExploreRockhampton.

Mount Archer Nurim Circuit

Pilbeam Drive, Rockhampton | 14km from the Rockhampton CBD

Mount Archer Nurim Circuit is a walk not to be missed when you’re visiting Rockhampton. Extending 25 metres off the side of Mount Archer, the 500 metre treetop boardwalk offers stunning views of Rockhampton and the ranges beyond. At sunrise and sunset, the views are amplified with spectacular pink, orange and purple hues along the skyline.

sunset view from treetop boardwalk
Sunsets views from Mount Archer (Nurim)

Rockhampton Riverside

Quay Street, Rockhampton | Rockhampton CBD

Rockhampton’s Riverside Precinct has a boardwalk that juts out over the Fitzroy River, providing stunning views that capture the beauty of the river and Mount Archer National Park towering in the distance. From the boardwalk, glimpses of Rockhampton’s history can also be captured, with the strip of heritage buildings along Quay Street forming one of Queensland’s longest National Trust heritage-listed street.

Take a stroll and enjoy the river views or download our CBD Heritage Walk and learn about the town’s gold rush history and how this formed many of the buildings you see along Quay Street today.

a man running on the Riverside Precinct walk
Spacious paths with spectacular views in the heart of the CBD.

Gangulu Trails

Byrnes Parade, Mount Morgan | 40km from the Rockhampton CBD

The Gangulu Trails are found around Mount Morgan's No 7 Dam and are made up of 20+kms of dual walking and mountain biking trails. Take your time checking out these rugged trails while keeping an eye out for the bikes then head into town for a delicious country pub meal and lay down the picnic blanket under the shade trees at Mount Morgan's No 7 Dam Recreational Area. 

bike riding on the trails aroudn the dam
Bush trails for walking or bike riding.

Huish Drive Walk

Huish Drive, Rockhampton | Rockhampton CBD

If you’re looking for a longer riverside walk, start at the riverbank on Quay Street and follow the series of giant Banyan Figs along the river towards Victoria Parade and behind the 2nd World War Memorial Aquatic Centre.

A tip from the locals, do this walk in time for a breakfast pit stop when you reach the CBD.

a couple walking along a riverside footpath
River views in the heart of the CBD.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

100 Spencer Street, Rockhampton | 3km from the Rockhampton CBD

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens are one of the oldest and most established public gardens in Queensland. There are many walking tracks throughout the Gardens, with a number of iconic plantings including the 150 year old canopy of Banyan figs and avenue of Bunya pines. If you consider yourself a green thumb, Rockhampton’s Botanic Gardens walking tracks are ones not to be missed.

a family walking past the ANZAC cenotaph at rockhampton botanic gardens
Stunning walking trails, a kids playground and even a cafe for a coffee break.

Kershaw Gardens

Moores Creek Road, Rockhampton | 2km from the Rockhampton CBD

A flat path circuit makes this lovely stretch of picturesque parkland an easily accessible and enjoyable amble. The northern section features an impressive man-made waterfall. Check out our blog on 'Everything you need to know about Kershaw Gardens' for more information.

a couple viewing the Kershaw Gardens Waterfall
Take in the stunning waterfall views, extensive walking trails and loads of green space.