First Turkey Mountain Bike Park

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First Turkey Mountain Bike Park

249 German Street, Rockhampton | 9km from the Rockhampton CBD

Rockhampton’s premier mountain bike trail network, First Turkey, is situated on the side of Mount Archer (Nurim) National Park offering 33 trails for all skill levels. The Park is open most days of the year, however closes temporarily after heavy rain. First Turkey has a range of trails from Gravity Enduro and Cross Country trails through diverse terrain, meaning you can easily pick the ride you're chasing.

Choose your own adventure

A key feature of the First Turkey trail network is that the trails have been planned and built around a 'hub' model which allows for a common climbing trail to be used to get to the trail hubs which then feature multiple descending trails all from the same location.

If this is the first time riding First Turkey, check out these best trails as voted by the locals to get started. 

If you're a beginner:

  • Head up Finley's to Turkey's Nest, descending down Scrub Turkey
  • Head up Finley's then traversing across Wundali, then descending down Jackhammer

If you're an intermediate rider:

  • Head up Finley's to Turkey's Nest, descending down Wild Pig
  • Head up Jackhammer to Ant's Next, descending down Megatron (Flow Trail)
  • Head up Jackhammer then traversing across Wundali, descending down Wild Pig or Scrub Turkey

If you're an advanced rider:

  • Head up Finley's to Turkey's Nest, descending down Whitey or Think Tank
  • Head up Jackhammer to Ant's Nest, descending down K-9

First Turkey Mountain Bike Park    First Turkey Mountain Bike Park    First Turkey Mountain Bike Park


the MTB trails

Check out some of the local favourites below or head over to Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club for the down low on all 33 trails. 

Trail content provided by Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club


Ant's Nest Hub

Network Hub

At 214 metres elevation, Ant’s Nest is the highest altitude hub within the First Turkey Mountain Bike Park. Located at the top of Jackhammer, Ant’s Nest is a popular hub for riders to catch their breath before shooting down their choice of enduro trails – Megatron, Smokescreen or K-9. Ant’s Nest can be reached by climbing Jackhammer or via the Wundali traverse from Turkeys Nest.

Ant's Nest Hub.jpg


Level: Difficult

From top to bottom, hang on and keep your wits about you because K-9 can bite. K-9 is a one-way downhill trail. It begins at Ant’s Nest hub and runs down to the Rusty Bike hub on Horseshoe. You can reach reach K-9 via Jackhammer or ride across the Wundali traverse from Turkey’s Nest. The K-9 trail is approx. 1.7km with a 42m climb and -181m descent.


Level: Easy

Jackhammer is the longest and tallest climb in the First Turkey trail network, rising to 203 metres elevation over its 3.1 km length. Jackhammer begins at the Guthrie Street trail-head and climbs to Ant’s Nest. From the top you can descend three enduro trails, Megatron, K-9, or Smokescreen. You can also take the Wundali traverse across to Turkey’s Nest.


Level: Intermediate

Megatron starts at the Ant’s Nest hub and is a 2 kilometre-long mega flow trail descending from the top of Jackhammer down to the Rusty Bike hub on Horseshoe 190 metres below. Super fun! You can reach the top of Megatron via Jackhammer or traverse across Wundali from Turkey’s Nest.


Network Hub

Turkey’s Nest is the original ‘main hub’ at First Turkey and at 156 metres elevation is one of the highest, second only to Ant’s Nest. From Turkey’s Nest, you can get just about anywhere at First Turkey. The view is pretty special too. The easiest way to reach Turkey’s Nest is up Finley’s, or if you’re feeling super fit, have a go at climbing Scrub Turkey.

Once at the top, you can descend either of those trails or if you’re looking for some downhill thrills, try 1995, Upper Whitey, or Leper’s Leap. If tight and technical is more your style, head along Upper Pig which will bring you out at the Lighthouse hub. You can also traverse over to Ant’s Nest via Wundali and then descend several enduro trails including Megatron, K-9, and Smoke Screen. Turkey’s Nest is a good sized bush clearing with seats and decent rocks to sit on plus pretty good tree coverage for shade.

Turkey's Nest Hub.jpg


Level: Difficult

Cactus is a one-way downhill trail. It has fast become one of the most popular tracks at First Turkey and is a feature trail for Gravity Enduro competitions. Named for an ominous crop of prickly pear on one of the sweeping berms, Cactus begins at the Lighthouse hub and features plenty of drops, berms and jumps. You can climb to the Lighthouse via Wild Pig from Moore’s Creek, or ride across from Turkey’s Nest via Finley’s and Upper Pig.


Level: Intermediate

Rising 93 metres over its 2.4 km length, Finley’s is an extremely popular trail with a 4% gradient that climbs from Moore’s Creek to the hub at Turkey’s Nest. Riding up Finley’s is a good warm-up to get your day started with plenty of tight switchbacks and single track through native bushland, plus the occasional turkey leaping out of the scrub to keep you on your toes.

When you reach Turkey’s Nest, you can descend via Scrub Turkey or 1995. You can also head west along Wundali for the popular enduro trails via Ant’s Nest, or take the eastward hand-built trail through dense bush to Lighthouse for some fun flow trail descents.


Level: Intermediate

Tight switchbacks, slippy corners and rocky outcrops make Scrub Turkey a fun filled ride. Scrub Turkey is a two-way trail, accessible from Horseshoe at the bottom and Turkey’s Nest from the top.