Mount Morgan Trails

MTB in the Hinterland

2 Byrnes Parade, Mount Morgan | 39.1km from the Rockhampton CBD

Rockhampton's newest mountain bike trail network consists of 25kms of trails through Mount Morgan's recreational and water reserve area, the No 7 Dam. The trails consist of green level trails, offering less challenging rides, through to blue level trails, offering more remote, steeper and rockier terrain for the more adventurous rider.

Check out some of the favourite trails below or follow the button to Trailforks for more information.


Difficulty Rating: Easy        
Distance: 9,500m
Climb: 184m
Descent: --182m

Difficulty: Intermediate    
Distance: 2,330m
Climb: 53m
Descent: -48

Miners Mercy
Difficulty: Easy                 
Distance: 3,833m
Climb: 70m
Descent: -79m

Difficulty: Intermediate     
Distance: 2,850m
Climb: 68m
Descent: -69m

Cutters Run
Difficulty: Intermediate       
Distance: 2,847m
Climb: 98m
Descent: -94m

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