Kershaw Gardens

kershaw Gardens waterfall
Playgrounds, wet play, walking trails and beautiful parkland..

a whole Lot of family fun

Moores Creek Road, Rockhampton | 2.8km from the Rockhampton CBD

Officially opened in September 1988 as part of Australia’s bicentenary celebrations, Kershaw Gardens is a spacious and picturesque parkland that stretches for one kilometre along the Bruce Highway. A circuited walking track is the perfect way to explore the park with paths winding past wetlands, through rainforests' and a picture-perfect waterfall.

The central precinct also sports a sensational playground with swings, play equipment, a monorail and artificial waterway. From an amazing five-level webbed obstacle orb to the more sensory experience of following the flow of a representational Fitzroy River (Tunuba), where families can paddle and play, there are an abundance of opportunities for active and immersive family fun.

Check out our blog on 'Everything you need to know about Kershaw Gardens' for a full list of things to do when visiting.

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