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There's no shortage of accessible friendly activities in Rockhampton. Whether you like to enjoy the tranquility of throwing a line in or would rather be up close and personal with our curious creatures at the zoo, we've got it all!

A man in a wheelchair and an able-bodied woman using the ramp accessible land based fishing platform carrying a fishing rod
An accessible land-based fishing platform right near the CBD

Fishing The Fitzroy

Sir Raymond Huish Drive | 2km from the CBD

Rockhampton is the only city in Australia where you can fly in, check in and boat out in less than an hour targeting trophy barramundi and king threadfin. The Fitzroy River (Tunuba) is famous for barramundi, pronounced “bardda moon di” by the Darumbal people. This defines the Fitzroy River catchment as the genuine 'Home of the Barramundi' in Australia.

Accessing the water is easy, whether you have a boat, a charter or just a fishing rod and a dream! Below is the full list of boat ramps and land based fishing pontoons across Rockhampton, Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam and Port Alma. We've put together a blog of everything you need to know about our local land-based fishing platforms.

If it's a wheelchair friendly platform you require, Sir Raymond Huish Drive land based fishing pontoon has easy access via ramp and is close to parking and amenities for convenience.

Lived experience

Famous for barramundi in the mighty Fitzroy (Tunuba), accessible fishing pontoons with cleaning and BBQ facilities are situated upstream from the CBD riverfront. Not limited to throwing a line in from the banks, you’ll appreciate the facilities if you enjoy catching your next meal. There are plenty of parking options close-by, the pontoons are fixed so the heights and ramp incline won’t change with the tide, and are located beside parks and playgrounds so accessible bathroom options are close by.

BYO cold drinks and this is a serene spot to relax and try to snag a famous trophy barra.

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A man in a wheelchair and a woman in a meerkat enclosure at Rockhampton Zoo with meerkats in their shoulder and lap
An accessible friendly encounter with our cheeky meerkat mob

Rockhampton Zoo and Botanic Gardens

100 Spencer Street, The Range | 3km from the CBD

Home to more than 30 species of native and exotic animal varieties, Rockhampton Zoo is set on 10 acres next door to the stunning Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, located in the leafy suburb of The Range. Come and meet our delightfully mischievous meerkats, our cheeky chimpanzee family, or our otterly adorable otters, or stop by the Australian Wetlands zone to marvel over our giant saltwater crocodile 'The Colonel'. The Rockhampton Zoo has something for everyone!

You can tour the zoo at your own leisure and entry is FREE. If you would like to get to know the residents a little better, download the FREE Explore Rockhampton Self-Guided Tour App to see animal profiles and learn about how they came to call Rockhampton Zoo home.

The talented keepers at Rockhampton Zoo also hold daily keeper talks and animal feedings daily.  Rockhampton Zoo is open from 9am to 4.15pm daily (including public holidays, except Christmas Day).

Find out more about Rockhampton Zoo's encounters and keeper talks

Lived experience

Rockhampton Zoo and Botanic Gardens are truly such a must-see for travellers to the region, even locals have this as family destination on any given weekend.

There is ample disability parking in this precinct and directly beside the Zoo entrance. The start and the finish of the Zoo tour presents the only challenges for any access issues as the orientation of the wildlife area commences at the top of hill and proceeds down towards the Lagoon to the West. The Zoo entrance has a raised lip for the sliding gate and then declines to the animal enclosures. The rest of the journey traverses across some uneven pavers and through double transition doors/gates to separate different enclosures. At these transition points, the gates are light the distance between them adequately accommodate most mobility devices. Upon exit from the Zoo tour, assistance may be required to return to the accessible parking, so if you have devices that enhance your mobility equipment such as a power assist, bring these along.

For a more immersive outing, the Meerkat Encounter is a wonderful option to consider. Access here is at the main entrance to the Zoo and just off track, downhill, and over a small-grassed area into the Meerkat waiting areas. With careful maneuvering, it’s accessible to most persons with reduced mobility and the keepers are expertly trained, providing a full debrief on responsibly enjoying the meerkats in their enclosure. The experience is conducted in the enclosure itself, however, in a flat and shaded area which will accommodate most mobility equipment. They will climb over you whilst they enjoy a snack from your palms but the keepers will provide you with hand sanitiser.

The accessible toilets are located at the Gardens Tearooms, and this can be a distance for some, so it’s suggested to orient yourself to where these are before embarking on the Zoo adventures. The Gardens Tearooms are located in the same Botanic Gardens Precinct and offer a delicious lunch or morning tea.

Under the fig trees and amongst the feathered wildlife, the Gardens Tearooms are the perfect way to reflect on the Zoo experience with a cold beverage and a range of food from snacks to light meals. The concrete in this area can be uneven and while it is an accessible space, finding a path from your seating area to the kiosk can not be so direct. The accessible toilets are equivalent to what you’d find in any outside activity area or public park and are well maintained. The best place to park is to drive past the roundabout and up the driveway to the accessible parks adjacent to the public toilet block.

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A man in a wheelchair and a woman on the boardwalk overlooking the Rockhampton City from Mount Archer National Park via the accessible nature trail
An accessible trail with spectacular views of Rockhampton city!

Mount Archer (Nurim) Accessible Elevated Nature Trail

Pilbeam Drive, Rockhampton | 13km from the Rockhampton CBD

Mount Archer (Nurim) National Park is a must see when you visit Rockhampton. Wander through the trees on the Nurim Circuit elevated treetop boardwalk, sit back and relax with a picnic in the amphitheatre.

Rockhampton’s treetop boardwalk, Nurim Circuit, is a must for your Rockhampton bucket list. Extending 25 metres off the side of Mount Archer, the 500 metre flat boardwalk offers spectacular views of the city and the mighty Fitzroy River. Take in the views and check out the interpretive signage of the local Darumbal culture. The boardwalk is particularly popular with locals and tourists alike wanting to catch the spectacular sunrises and sunsets so don't forget your camera! If you're a budding photographer or would like to pick up on some tips and tricks to shooting a sunset from Nurim Circuit, check out our blog 'Master that Sunset Shot'.

Find out more about Mount Archer (Nurim)

Lived experience

The full loop of the Nurim Circuit trail is approximately 600 metres and is a must-see while visiting to take in the expanse of the westerly terrain and the mighty Fitzroy (Tunuba), as well as the Keppel Bay to the east. There is ample accessible parking and take note of the accessible bathroom before starting the journey as there are no facilities throughout other sections of the circuit. Commencing the loop on the eastern side will mean you traverse the moderate decline first before taking in the sites. There are periodic stopping points of interest along the way all of which present no access concerns. The pride that Nurim Circuit imbues to the region translates to the paths being well-maintained, so every effort is made to clear the cement path and boardwalk of debris.

Returning to the car park, toilet and BBQ area, the western side of the loop is light gradient. This is an excellent attraction to immerse yourself in nature, take in a cool mountain breeze and view local wildlife.

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