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Written by Jordan Wheeler at Capricorn Caves


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Are you prepared for the adventure of a lifetime? Will you pay a visit (carefully and respectfully of course) to the home of some of the most incredibly diverse and rare species of plants and animals? Do you want to marvel at geological forces forming breathtakingly beautiful scenes?

Are you ready to explore the ancient chambers of Rockhampton’s oldest playground, the Capricorn Caves, 390 million years in the making? Capricorn Caves intimate tours have been designed to take guests into some of the Caves’ best kept hidden secrets. 


The Capricorn Explorer takes you to locations like the Deep Vault Cave, not previously visited on any tours, where bats roost and fossil deposits, giant moths and spectacular stalactites adorn the walls. The Flower Pot Cave demonstrates the true force of nature with evidence of an ancient underground river and a hideout for the endangered ghost bat and rock wallaby's. There is a chance you may get a little dirty on this tour but it’s well worth it for the experience of visiting these usually unseen caves and the chance to take on the famous Whale’s Belly.

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If you are prepared to step beyond your comfort zone for the ultimate cave experience, you are looking for The Capricorn Adventurer. This is the most immersive of all the cave tours and offers the chance to explore the most remote sections of the caves where your headlamp is the only source of light. You will need to put some trust in the expert guides but the reward is truly worth it, discovering incredible places like Fat Man’s Misery and Jack’s Beanstalk. Once you emerge from the darkness, you’ll find yourself above the caves with spectacular 360 degree views of Mt Etna National Park and Baga National Park.

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The Capricorn Caves will always cater for all ages, abilities and all people who wish to visit with our iconic Cathedral Cave Tour. If you are someone returning for something more, if you have a sense of adventure and a curious spirit, the Explorer and Adventurer tours are for you. If adventure caving isn't your cup of tea, check out their most popular tour, the Cathedral Cave Tour. 


This popular tour has something for everyone. Showcasing their largest and most spectacular caves, this walk leaves you with lasting memories of ancient geological history, early explorers, the wonders of wildlife and special cave acoustics. Leaving the caves through the Zig Zag passage and suspension bridge, you finish with a sense of adventure. Walkways and ramps make this our most accessible tour.s

To best enjoy the Capricorn Caves tours, a 2 night stay in one of the self-contained cabins, eco-tents or powered sites allows you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure of a life time.

For tour details, times and prices visit the Capricorn Caves website.

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