Mount Archer

Elevated, raw, real

Rockhampton’s premier mountain bike trail network, First Turkey, is situated on the side of Mount Archer (Nurim) National Park offering 33 trails for all skill levels. The Park is open most days of the year, however closes temporarily after heavy rain. First Turkey has a range of trails from Gravity Enduro and Cross Country trails through diverse terrain.

Check out some of the favourite trails below and follow the button to TrailForks for more information.

First Turkey Mountain Bike Park    First Turkey Mountain Bike Park    First Turkey Mountain Bike Park


Difficulty Rating: Blue
Distance: 1,910m
Climb: 50m
Descent: -190m
Average Time: 12min

Difficulty Rating: Blue
Distance: 824m
Climb: 5m
Descent: -55m
Average Time: 3:5min

       Lower Wild Pig
Difficulty Rating: Green
Distance: 1,063m
Climb: 7m
Descent: -50m
Average Time: 7:37min

Difficulty Rating: Green
Distance: 2,315
Climb: 123m
Descent: -42m
Average Time: 13:58min


Wundali Trail
Difficulty Rating: Green
Distance: 1,662m
Climb: 83m
Descent: -118
Average Time: 9:34min


Difficulty Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 804m
Climb: 6m
Descent: -88m
Average Time: 6:23min

Difficulty Rating: Green
Distance: 3,398
Climb: 243m
Descent: -122m
Average Time: 21:07min

Difficulty Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 1,711m
Climb: 42m
Descent: -181m
Average Time: 6:35min